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What if you could have a Marriage that Lasts a Lifetime?


9/29/23 - 10/1/23

You Can Have a Marriage that Last

Marriages in Today's Society 

In a world full of “Couple’s Goals” that don’t seem to Measure Up and a 40 to 50% divorce rate, it seems impossible to have a marriage that lasts a lifetime. "To Death Do Us Part," seems to be trivial words with little meaning instead of a lasting commitment we are making to one another. We are wondering if people are even capable of being with one person for a lifetime. How do couples achieve this? Is this just a fairytale? Are couples even happy for that long?  The answer is Happy Marriages that Last a Lifetime still exist, and You Can Have One!


God's Design for Marriage

You can have a Marriage that Last! Get rid of the couple’s goals and throw out all the lies society tells us about happy lifetime marriages being non-existent. You can have a Marriage that is Full of Love, Laughter, Joy, Peace, Unity, and Serenity. You can have a Marriage that Stands the Test of Time. You can have a Marriage that Will Withstand all the Hardships that Life Brings. You can have a Marriage that Endures in Good Times and Bad Times, in Sick Times and Healthy Times, and in Rich Times and Poor Times. You Can Have a Marriage that Last.  Build your Marriage on a Solid Foundation so that when the rain falls, and the flood comes, and the winds blow and beat on your marriage, it will not fall because your marriage has been built on God Himself.  

PROCESS to Building a Marriage that Last

Journey with us as we lay out the steps we will take at Lasting Marriage Retreat to Build a Lasting Marriage. You Can Have a Marriage that Last.

  • Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle – Begin your journey to a Lasting Marriage by Enjoying an Evening Full of Spoken Word,  Liturgical Dance, Food, and a Discussion from our Marriage Panel on Lasting Marriage. 

  • Foundation of Love (God) – Learn to Establish a Foundation Built on Love in your Marriage, as we Discover the True Meaning of Love and how God Impacts our Foundation of Love.​

  • 3 Pillars of Marriage - Continue your Journey as we look to Jesus to show us how to implement the 3 Pillars of Marriage inside of our Marriage.

    • Mindset – Strengthen your Mindset around Marriage as we Learn about Marriage Mindsets that Foster a Lasting Marriage​

    • Behavior – Learn to Develop a Lasting Marriage through our Behaviors toward One Another. Develop your Team Work skills as we learn to Become One in all areas of our lives.

    • Environment – Develop an Environment Full of Safety, Peace, Love, and Acceptance as we Learn how to Create the Safe Place in our Marriage.

  • Roof of a Lasting Marriage – Conclude your journey by looking to Holy Spirit to give us the ability to implement Everything we Need to Develop a Marriage that Last.

  • Lasting Marriage Retreat Activities - Seal your experience participating in the United We Stand, Girl Talk/Guy Talk, Becoming One Paint & Poetry, Unity Pool Party, and Build a Lasting Marriage Activity.​

Come Experience this Life Changing Event that is Full of Fun, Connection, and Transformation as we Build a Marriage that Last. 

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Christian Marriage Retreat 2022

What's The Cost?
Per Couple

Early Bird $750
May 15 - June 15

General Admission $850

June 16 - July 31

Late Admission $950
Aug 1 - Aug 30

Per Person 
Mix & Mingle Only $100
May 15 - Aug 3

Payment Plan Option Available

Payment Plans

Good news! You can save your spot & lock in your price

today with a

$50 deposit

The remainder of your balance is due August 1, 2023, or you

can choose our

split payment plan.

Couple Tickets

3 payments of $283.33

Hotel Information

Hotel discount rates end Sept 7th

Hotel room is NOT included in conference pricing.






Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort
4021 Lakeview Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Book Hotel Now!


What's Included?

Marriage Retreat with

Christian Relationship Coach


Couples Activities:

*Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle

*United We Stand Activity

*Girl Talk/Guy Talk Activity

*Becoming One

*Unity Pool Party

*Build a Lasting Marriage Couples Activity


Retreat Materials, Meals,

& Parking

Hotel Room Discount 


Creative Care Solutions

Melody Thompson


9/29/23 - 10/1/23

Marriage Retreat Information

1 Restore Marriage Retreat
1 Restore Marriage Retreat
Play Video
1 Abundant Life Retreat
Play Video
2 Restore Marriage Retreat
Play Video
2 Abundant Life Retreat
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Retreat Reviews

You Can Have a Marriage that Last

Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle
Friday Night


Sheena Watson

Liturgical Dance

Galatians 2:20 Ministries Worship Center

Memphis, TN


Larshay Watson

Spoken Word

Galatians 2:20 Ministries Worship Center

Memphis, TN


The Hicks

Pastor Victor & Earlene Hicks

Kingdom Kouples

Austin, TX


The Macons

Apostle Corey & Demetria Macon

New Life Ministry International 

Greensboro, GA


Apostle Mary Smith

Antioch Intercontinental Church

Memphis, TN

Hosted by Creative Care Solutions

Presented by Dr. Melody Thompson, LPC

Founder & CEO of 

Creative Care Solutions

Dr. Melody Thompson, LPC is an anointed woman of God, prophet, and minister who has a passion for Relationships and Emotional Wellness. Dr. Melody has dedicated her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor to helping Couples Restore the Relationships they have in their lives. Dr. Melody has been working as a Professional Counselor and working in ministry for over 15 years. Dr. Melody has worked in a variety of settings in the mental health field and has spoken at a host of different conferences and events over the years. Dr. Melody is a devoted wife and a loving mother to three beautiful children. Her life has been a testament to what God will do with you when one walks in obedience in the face of adversity. Dr, Melody is known for the Powerful Testimonies of Triumph showing the Hand of God in her life. Melody's motto is "If God did it for me, I know God Can do it for You!"

  • Do I Have to be Married to Attend Lasting Marriage Retreat?
    No, you do not have to be married to attend, but you must come with your significant other to attend the entire weekend. However, you do not have to bring a significant other if your are only attending the Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle on Friday Night.
  • How Many Tickets Do I Need?
    The Lasting Marriage Retreat ticket is a Couples ticket. It includes you and your significant other (This ticket includes the Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle). The Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle ticket is an Individual Ticket. It includes you only.
  • Can I Come if I am Single?
    You are welcome to join us at the Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle that takes place on Friday Night. This event is full of Liturgical Dance, Poetry, a Marriage Panel, and Formal Dinner. We hope to see you there!
  • What is the Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle Only Ticket?
    This ticket gives you access to our Friday Evening Activity. Come Enjoy our Lasting Mix & Mingle that is full of Liturgical Dance, Spoken Word, Marriage Panel, and Formal Dinner. You can attend this event as an individual or single person.
  • How Does the $250 Deposit Work?
    Take Advantage of our Best Deal by Securing Your Spot and Lock in your Price by paying a $250 Deposit. You pay $250 and it locks you into your price and saves your seat. Your balance is due August 1st.
  • How Does the Payment Plan Work?
    Take Advantage of the Payment Plan! You make 3 payments of $283.33 across 3 months.
  • What Comes with My Ticket?
    Your ticket includes a Marriage Retreat with a Christian Relationship Coach, a Hotel Room Discount, all of your Retreat Materials, Meals, and Parking and all the Couples Activities: Lasting Marriage Mix & Mingle, United We Stand, Girl Talk/Guy Talk, Becoming One, Unity Pool Party, Build a Lasting Marriage Couples Activity.
  • Do I get a Hotel Room with my Ticket?
    You do not get a hotel room with your ticket, but you do get a discount. Use this link to register to obtain your discount
  • When is the Last Day to Purchase a Ticket?
    The last day to purchase tickets are as follows: Early Bird Tickets - June 15 General Tickets - July 31 Late Tickets - August 30
  • Do you Offer Refunds?
    All sales are final. We do not offer refunds.
No upcoming events at the moment

You Can Have a Marriage that Last

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