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Proudly Serving Clients Since 2014

Creative Care Solutions, LLC (CCS) is a counseling agency offering both secular and Christian Counseling. CCS strives to help people establish and maintain healthy, functional relationships by using the RCC Methodology©, which is comprised of our relationship philosophy, our communication philosophy, and our counselor emergence philosophy. We are here to serve the needs of those who seek emotional, mental, and/or spiritual change and provide awareness through education about the mental health field by integrating the truth of psychology and spiritual theology when requested. This agency emphasizes communication and responsibility within a systems framework to promote the healing process. This agency provides individual, couple, family, group, and corporate counseling. In addition to counseling, this agency hosts a variety of events in order to help provide growth and bring awareness about mental health and spirituality to the community. This agency is committed to respecting the values of each person and to give our clients a safe place in which to seek growth and education.

*All appointments are currently done via a secure virtual platform.

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