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Are You Ready to Deepen
Your Relationship with God?


3/25/23 - 3/26/23

You Can Live In The Fullness of God


Does it feel like Life has been crushing you on every side. Sometimes it feels like just remembering to breathe can be overwhelming. You have been reaching out to God crying out for More of Him. You’re reading your Bible and going to church on Sundays, but you are you still sick and tired of being sick and tired. You just feel stuck, like you have done all you can do. Is this you? If not, perhaps you are the person who is already on Fire for God, and you can’t imagine anything deeper than this.


Regardless of which person you are, God wants you to know, “THERE IS MORE!” God’s Love is Calling You into a Deeper Relationship with Him. Come Away with ME as I Show You the MORE! God is saying, Let Me show you how to Live in My Abundance and My Fulness. Let Me show you How to Walk in My Peace and Embrace My Joy at ALL TIMES. God wants to Talk to You Himself to Develop Deeper Relationship with You. God is Calling You into Deeper Intimacy with Him. Will you come?


  • Transformational Introduction – Begin your process of transforming to a Life of Abundance by experiencing the Butterfly Exhibit and learning about your own Transformative Process.

  • Relationship with God – Establish your relationship with God and Find a Deeper Connection with Him through Learning How to Connect with God and the Necessity of Connecting with God Daily.

  • Group & Individual Connection with God – Take a Deep Dive with God as we Transform our Lives into a Life of Abundance by Connecting with God as a Community of Believers and as Individuals.

  • The 3P’s: Prayer, Praise, & Prophecy – Strengthen your Relationship with God through The 3P’s: Prayer, Praise, and Prophecy

  • Importance of Obedience – Continue to Transform your Life into a Life of Abundance by Gaining an Understanding of how Obedience and Disobedience impact our Life of Abundance.

  • Maze of Obedience – Solidify your New Understanding of the Importance of Obedience through experiencing our Maze of Obedience.

  • Transform Your Perspective – Learn how to Shape your Life of Abundance by shifting your Perspective to God’s Worldview

  • Prophetic Art – Let God show you the Importance of Shifting Your Perspective through our Prophetic Art session.

  • Whisper Walk – Conclude your experience by Receiving a Word from Holy Spirit through our Whisper Walk.


Come Experience "THE MORE" as we Grow Deeper in Our Connection with God and Holy Spirit Transforms Our Lives into a Life of Abundance.

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Christian Marriage Retreat 2022

Conference Information

What's The Cost?

Early Bird Ind. Single Room


General Adm Ind. Single Room

Early Bird Buddy Tix
Double Room

General Adm Buddy Tix

Payment Plan Option Available

Payment Plans

Good news! You can save your spot at the early bird price today with a

$50 deposit

The remainder of your balance is due January 31, 2023, or you can choose our split payment plan.

Individual Tickets

2 payments of $337.50

Buddy Tickets

2 payments of $237.50

Hotel Information

Callaway Resort & Garden
17617 US-27
Pine Mountain, GA 31822


What's Included?

Hotel Room at the Resort, Retreat Materials, Two Meals & Parking


-Butterfly Exhibit

-Time of Connection

-The 3P's 

-Maze of Obedience

-Prophetic Art

-Whisper Walk

Retreat with

Licensed Professional Counselor


Creative Care Solutions

Melody Thompson


3/25/23 - 3/26/23

callaway one.jpg


Hosted by Creative Care Solutions

Presented by Melody Thompson, LPC

Founder & CEO of 

Creative Care Solutions

Elder Melody Thompson, LPC is an anointed woman of God and prophet who has a passion for Relationships and Emotional Wellness. Melody has dedicated her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor to helping Couples Restore the Relationships they have in their lives. Melody has been working as a Professional Counselor and working in ministry for over 15 years. Melody has worked in a variety of settings in the mental health field and spoken at a host of different conferences and events over the years. Melody is a devoted wife and a loving mother to three beautiful children. Her life has been a testament to what God will do with you when one walks in obedience in the face of adversity. Melody is known for the Powerful Testimonies of Triumph showing the Hand of God in her life. Melody's motto is "If God did it for me, I know God Can do it for You!"

Additional Speakers


Daniel & Angela Kelly

Kingdom Church

St. Louis, MO

Vivecca picture.jpg

Vivecca LeAnder

Bethel Christian Center

E. St. Louis, IL

You Can Live In The Fullness of God


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