We are committed to helping people acheive healthy, loving, functional relationships in their lives.

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Owner/Professional Counselor: Melody Thompson, LPC, MA, MBA

Creative Care Solutions, LLC (CCS) is a counseling agency who offers both secular and Christian Counseling. CCS strives to help people establish and maintain healthy, functional relationships by using the RCC Methodology©, which is comprised of our relationship philosophy, our communication philosophy, and our counselor emergence philosophy. We are here to serve the needs of those who seek emotional, mental, and/or spiritual change and provide awareness through education about the mental health field by integrating the truth of psychology and spiritual theology when requested. This agency emphasizes communication and responsibility within a systems framework to promote the healing process. This agency provides individual, couple, family, group, and corporate counseling. In addition to counseling, this agency hosts a variety of events in order to help provided growth and bring awareness about mental health and spirituality to the community. This agency is committed to respecting the values of each person and to give our clients a safe place in which to seek growth and education.


Client Testimonials

"Melody has a gift from God to provide wisdom and insight. When I first began working with Melody, I just had a late-term miscarriage and felt so lost. Through working with Melody and implementing strategies to cope with my loss, I have experienced tremendous personal growth and healing. I thank God that He led me to Melody!"

Another Satisfied Client

"We never thought we needed counseling until we met Melody. She not only helped us to improve our communication with each other, but she has helped us to become one. Counseling with Melody is Amazing! She has a deep understanding of us and helps us to understand each other better. This has been a life changing experience for us because we will always use the tools we gained from Melody."

Another Satisfied Couple

“The connection Melody and I have has helped me come to terms with the good and bad events in my life. I believe, if it were any other counselor, I would not be as strong as I am today. My relationship with God would not be as strong without Melody in my life. I will forever be thankful for this lovely woman helping, not only myself, but also my beautiful mother. She is my angel. ”

Another Satisfied Client


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