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What If You Could Have the
Marriage of Your Wildest Dreams?


9/30/22 - 10/2/22

The Marriage You've Dreamed About Can Happen

The Cycle

Do you remember the marriage you dreamed about before you took your vows? Today, you’re wondering how did we get to this place of disconnection, hurt, and disagreement. How did we get so far away from "I Do"? You’re wishing things would get better in your marriage. You’ve even taken steps to create the marriage of your dreams. You try, and try, and try, but every time you end up lost and stuck in the same defeated cycle of argument and fight, argument and fight, argument and fight, and now you’re wondering what can we possibly do to change this. Can my marriage even be changed?

The Truth

The Truth is, it IS Possible to Change Your Marriage. In fact, let me help you understand what God’s View of marriage really is. God designed marriage to be a place full of Love, Safety, Trust, and Connection. Our marriage should be the place where we experience the closeness of our spouse. Our marriage should be a place we run to when we are having a hard day. Our marriage should be the soft spot we land on when things feel like they are crumbling beneath us. Our marriage should be a place of joy and peace in the midst of chaos. Our marriage should be the place where we embrace our authenticity because we are loved unconditionally. Our marriage should be the safest place on Earth. If you desire a marriage like this then you should join us for Restore Weekend Marriage Retreat where we will be working with you to Transform your Marriage into the Marriage God always intended for you to have. 

The Answer

At Restore Weekend Marriage Retreat we will walk through a Marriage Transformation Process with you by identifying and overcoming your barriers to transformation. Begin the journey with us as we set the stage for our Weekend of Transformation.


  • Formal Gala Dinner - Elevate your Mindsets by learning about the Power of Choice as we Dance the night away

  • Art of Forgiveness - Clean out some of your barriers to transformation by opening your heart to healing through the process of forgiveness

  • Forgiveness Karate Board Experience - Seal your forgiveness experience by chopping away the unforgiveness that once lived in your heart

  • Trust-Building Techniques – Shed the barriers that prohibit you from transforming by learning to trust again

  • Couples Trust Scavenger Hunt – Fun-filled couples hunt using Trust-Building Techniques

  • Love & Intimacy – Culminate your transformative process by learning the ins and out of Love and Intimacy in Marriage

  • Couples Nature Walk of Transparency ­– Become vulnerable and connect emotionally with your spouse as you walk through nature together

  • Couples Massage – Reignite the flame of desire in your marriage through physical connection with your spouse


Walk with us as we learn how to navigate barriers that prohibit the connection in our lives and We Light a New Roaring Fire that Unites you and your spouse as One.

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Christian Marriage Retreat 2022

Conference Information

What's The Cost?

Early Bird $749
Now - June 30

General Admission $849
July 1 - Aug 15

Late Pricing $949
Aug 16 - Aug 31

Per Couple

Payment Plan Option Available

What's Included?

Marriage Retreat with

Licensed Professional Counselor


Couples Activities:

*Formal Gala Dinner

*Karate Forgiveness Experience 

*Trust Scavenger Hunt

*Couples Nature Walk

of Transparency

*Couples Massage


Retreat Materials, Meals, & Parking

Hotel Room Discount 

Hotel Information

Hotel discount rates end Sept 9th

Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort
4021 Lakeview Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Hotel room is NOT included
in conference pricing.

Book Hotel Now!

Does It Work?

It is never too late to Transform your Marriage. You can be one of the many people who have experienced the Life Changing impact of inviting a Licensed Professional Counselor and God into your Transformational Process. Register for Restore Weekend Marriage Retreat Today! 


Creative Care Solutions
Melody Thompson


9/30/22 - 10/2/22

Invest In Your Marriage Today

Hosted by Creative Care Solutions

Presented by Melody Thompson, LPC

Founder & CEO of 

Creative Care Solutions

Elder Melody Thompson, LPC is an anointed woman of God who has a passion for Relationships and Emotional Wellness. Melody has dedicated her career as a Licensed Professional Counselor to helping Couples Restore the Relationships they have in their lives. Melody has been working as a Professional Counselor and working in ministry for over 15 years. Melody has worked in a variety of settings in the mental health field and spoken at a host of different conferences and events over the years. Melody is a devoted wife and a loving mother to three beautiful children. Her life has been a testament to what God will do with you when one walks in obedience in the face of adversity. Melody is known for the Powerful Testimonies of Triumph showing the Hand of God in her life. Melody's motto is "If God did it for me, I know God Can do it for You!"

Begin Your Transformation Now

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